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Boating accidents in Georgia are common and can be serious at times. Many people are injured due to boating accidents on an annual basis. Whether they are in ports or way out in the water, these injuries can occur from lack of care, improper operating maneuvers, intoxication, or lack of experience or negligence of the driver or operator of the boat. Injuries can be devastating. Considering the speed and accident conditions, injured parties can even suffer serious to fatal injuries. If you have suffered injuries from a boating accident, contact our office today for a free case evaluation.

Many injured parties often wonder who is liable for the injuries. Liability can depend on a number of factors. For instance, if the boat was defective, it is possible to hold the manufacturer of the vessel or any commercial reseller of the watercraft liable for your injuries. If the injury resulted from the negligence of another boat operator, then that driver will be held liable.


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Boats, much like any other vehicle, are required to adhere to many of the same rules and regulations regarding the operation of a vehicle in Georgia. When operators fail to adhere to the “rules of the road”, they may be held liable for injuries sustained.

Common rules include understanding navigation signals, how to engage in meeting or crossing situations and proper floatation device requirements. When a boat operator fails to adhere to these requirements or procedures they may be liable for injuries sustained. No matter if it occurs in freshwater or saltwater, maritime laws require certain safety devices when the vessel in under 16 feet in length. Those safety devices include fire extinguishers, backfire flame arrestor, muffling systems, ventilation systems, and sound signaling devices. Boat or vessel operators are required to keep these devices in good working order and in a visible place.

When a boat operator fails in their duty to meet these requirements and injury occurs, they may be held liable. With help from Mike Hostilo’s experienced boat accident attorneys, we can make sure you Get What’s Right! Call today and find out if you have a case!