If you have been a victim of any civil rights violation, you most likely have questions about your certain situation and your options. If you have been mistreated based on characteristics such as religion, race, disability, or gender you will want an experienced civil rights lawyer by your side. Violations of civil rights can include:

  • Abuse by a public official
  • Unjustified searches and seizures
  • Cruel and unusual punishment
  • Being looked over for a promotion or losing a job because of discrimination
  • Any prejudice based on an apparent quality or belief

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The handling of civil rights cases can be difficult, so you will want to consult with Mike’s experienced civil rights lawyers to figure out your next steps. As citizens of America, civil rights means equal treatment under the law. This means you are entitled to be regarded with fairness and justice. If you feel that your civil rights have been violated call Mike Hostilo today at 844-GET-MIKE to understand what could be the next actions for your case.