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Healthcare professionals are obligated by the Hippocratic Oath to provide ethical and quality treatment to those that come to them for a treatment of their ailments and ills. Physicians and healthcare professionals who forget their duty to provide an accepted standard of treatment for their patients often cause further injury or illness. Some may even die as the result of a healthcare professional’s malpractice, negligence, wrongdoing or oversight. When these types of accidents occur, those impacted should seek assistance from a medical malpractice lawyer to hold the negligent party responsible and ensure that a strong claim is filed. To begin your road to recovery, consult with an experienced accident lawyer today.

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Medical malpractice is not an easy case to go through, it is a complex and costly undertaking. To discourage unjustified cases, a medical expert in the same field must testify in an affidavit that the physician, nurse or other medical professional deviated from accepted medical standards. In other words, it must be proven from the opinion of a medical peer.

Even then, medical malpractice cases are hard-fought. Mike Hostilo invests in medical experts and is committed to holding providers accountable for disabling injury or death.

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