Joel R. Callaway

  • Attorney - Hostilo Law Firm, Macon
  • Phone: 478.845.2288
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Ever since Joel was a kid, he always wanted to grow up and be a lawyer. Watching them defend the rights of the innocent, put bad guys behind bars, and keep our rights safe, he knew that’s what he was going to do. But after years of law school, education that included learning about how corrupt the courtrooms could be, Joel’s faith was shaken. He started to doubt whether being a lawyer could live up to his original ideas, whether there really were law firms out there defending the innocent. Before he could lose all hope, Joel was lucky enough to take a job at Mike Hostilo’s firm, and live up to his childhood dream. Spending every day getting victims what’s right, Joel is a proud member of Mike Hostilo’s Macon branch. And if you’re in Macon looking for an auto accident attorney, you can be sure he’ll be there to help you Get What’s Right.