Care Mike Hostilo Law Firm's philanthropic purpose

Our employees' volunteer, mentor the youth, advocate for justice and fairness, and are active in life events that improve our neighborhoods and cities.

Our community investment priorities reflect the personal nature of our service and focus on the areas where the Mike Hostilo Law Firm can make a unique and sustainable difference: developing strong characteristics of integrity, responsibility, compassion, tolerance, and love of justice.

We choose to model the values that not only focuses on the well-being of our clients but also the personal qualities of being stewards of our community. It's our approach to corporate social responsibility.


Integrity refers to having upstanding character traits and work ethics including honesty, sound judgment, dependability, and loyalty.


The emotion you feel when you genuinely care for other people. Compassion enables us to think about our clients and see the importance of their needs.


Tolerance of people and diverse cultural backgrounds is a core value of our firm. We are stronger for it, and we embrace all forms of diversity.

Love of Justice

Simply put, to be fair and ask that others be so as well.

Process Application guidelines and process

Each year, the Mike Hostilo Law Firm receives thousands of requests for a variety of events, programs, and causes. While we are pleased to be considered for each of these important initiatives, we cannot participate or commit to every request.

Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions before beginning the online application process and learn about what kinds of requests we do not generally support.

F.A.Q. Please read before starting the application process

Decisions are made by committee. Each week, we recieve dozens of inquiries and proposals for a variety of initiatitves, sponsorships and events. By allowing you to learn about our process and expediate each request, we use an online application. If we need additional information or have any questions, we will contact you directly.

You will receive written confirmation via email when a completed application is received. Be sure to use a valid email address when you submit your application.

You will recieve a written confirmation when your completed application is received. If additional information is needed, you will be contacted directly.

No. Mike Hostilo Law Firm's philanthropic efforts are year round. However, due to the volume of requests and the time it takes to evaluate each submission, please plan to submit your application at least 90 days from the date of the event.

On average, it takes about 60 days from the application submission date to recieve a response.

We only process applications submitted online through our tool. Anything faxed, emailed, mailed, or delivered in person will not be considered.