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Wade Hunter

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Attorney Wade Hunter is a personal injury litigation attorney based in Savannah, Georgia.

Honest, hard working, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure our clients get their fair share.

Ever since he was a young man Wade knew he wanted to be a lawyer and fight for those who could not fight for themselves.

He grew up just down the road in Jacksonville, Florida, where his family would visit Savannah often for the beautiful sights and southern charm, and Wade always knew Savannah was a beautiful place to live. After completing his Bachelor's education in Louisville, Kentucky, he began researching where to study law. Wade's love for the south led him back to Savannah where he completed his legal education at the Savannah Law School.

After graduating, Wade wanted to stay in Savannah and begin his career as an attorney. Wade joined the Mike Hostilo team in early 2017 and has quickly learned from the best how to fight for his clients to get them what they deserve after being unfairly injured by negligent drivers.

Wade lives in Savannah full time with his family, and he continues to fight for his clients every day. If you have been hurt by a negligent driver, call Mike Hostilo today and Wade will fight for you too.


Boyce College, Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Savannah Law School, Juris Doctor

Practice Area
Personal Injury Litigation

Georgia Bar United States District Court

Southern District of Georgia

Savannah Bar Association