Over 3.2 million adults are living in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities in the U.S. As many as 40% of all adults will enter a nursing home at some point during their lives and as the U.S. population ages, the number of nursing home residents is expected to grow. Many of these elders are well-cared for but many may be the victims of abuse.

Mike Hostilo’s attorneys can report the nursing home abuse to the proper authorities and take the appropriate steps to ensure your rights are protected in case the abuse report is lost or altered. It is important to document all information relevant to the incident, as detailed accounts are often more likely to prompt investigations. With years of legal experience handling nursing home abuse lawsuits, our attorneys understand how to file both nursing home abuse reports and legal claims against negligent facilities and employees. Call Mike today to Get What’s Right at 844-GET-MIKE.

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Nursing homes are responsible for the actions of their staff and can be held accountable and made to pay damages when staff members fail. Nursing homes are also responsible if their own policies and procedures are considered negligent compared with what a reasonable facility would have done for patients.

Victims who have been harmed as a result of nursing home abuse and neglect may file a civil lawsuit against the nursing home that was responsible for them. When abuse has deadly consequences, surviving family members of a senior who is killed in a nursing home can also pursue a civil lawsuit. Claims brought by an injured senior are called personal injury cases, while those filed by surviving family members are called wrongful death claims.