Auto Accidents

Car accidents can be one of the most stressful times in your life, especially if it’s serious. The only thing that could make it worse is when insurers turn away from your mounting costs and leave you to foot the bill. That’s why Mike Hostilo practices law, to give you the compensation you deserve and to make sure you know your rights.

Mike can make the difference in your auto accident case. He has an entire team of experienced lawyers who will be by your side through the whole process and personally help you Get What’s Right. If you need an auto accident attorney, call Mike Hostilo.

Our Promise

Get piece of mind by knowing you don't pay fees or costs if your case is not successful.

We put it in writing. You can obtain our legal services without paying out of pocket. We guarantee that no matter the outcome of your injury case, you will never have to pay any attorney’s fees or costs if your case is not successful.

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How We Can Help with Auto Accidents

You need to protect yourself both physically and legally after you’ve been in a car accident. The insurance company you are making the claim against will have attorneys representing and fighting for them. Our firm has the resources, experience, and commitment to take on the largest insurance companies. You focus on getting back to normal; we focus on results. We can help with:

  • Catastrophic and debilitating injuries
  • Aggressive insurance adjusters
  • Lost wages
  • Outstanding high medical fees
  • Complex insurance claim policies and procedures

Compassion. Strength. Results.

Our experienced attorneys specialize in numerous practice areas. Evaluations are free, with no fees unless we win.

If you have suffered severe and catastrophic injuries, and it was not your fault, you have the right to take action! It's time to Get Mike.

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