Each year, thousands of people are hurt by dangerous products that reach the market despite consumer protection laws and advanced manufacturing techniques. Put simply, some companies are not as careful as they should be when bringing products (like medical devices, home appliances, automobiles, and beauty products) to the market.  If you or someone you love has been injured by a faulty, defective, or dangerous product, you should contact an experienced product liability lawyer right away.

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In Georgia, there are two main legal theories one can base a product liability lawsuit upon: negligence and strict liability. A suit on the grounds of negligence requires the injured party, or plaintiff, to prove the defendant’s negligence in the creation or manufacture of the product in question. Negligence is any act or failure to act that causes the individual or company to breach its duties of care to consumers. For example, the company may have been negligent in its training procedures, manufacturing regulations, or safety protocols, resulting in a defective product.

If you suffered an injury due to a defective household appliance, consumer good, children’s toy, vehicle part, medical device, or medication, you are not alone. There have been thousands of lawsuits against manufacturers over the years because of defective and dangerous items hitting the shelves. You may have the right to take legal action against the party that manufactured or sold the product that caused your injuries.